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Laconia is a famous olive tree land in Greece where cultivation of olive trees, the use of olive oil & olive fruit is known since antiquity.

With more than 10.000.000 olive trees from north side of Sparta up to the Aegean Sea, it is considered one of the most significant regions of cultivation and olive oil production around the world.


Our “eleonas” olive grove is located at the fertile valley of Laconia between Taygetus and Parnonas mountains. This particular area located on the south of Sparta, consists of euphoria limestone soil that in combination with the microclimate of the region gives us one of the most refined olive oil worldwide.

We are the owners of around 5.000 olive trees, most of which are biologically cultivated. Koroneiki, Koutsourolia, and Athinolia are the varieties that are used for the production of our olive oil.

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